Leading acupuncture clinic opens in Drouin

May 11, 2020

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 Cocoon acupuncture has opened it’s doors in Drouin Victoria, bringing a wealth of knowledge in Chinese Medicine to the local community. 

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‘Cocoon Acupuncture’ is bringing its expertise to Drouin, with the opening of its clinic in Drouin-Gippsland.

Cat Tyndall, joins a motivated and enthusiastic team of allied health practitioners in Drouin, bringing her unique perspective to the table. Both a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Paramedic, Cat has developed a passion for the treatment of a variety of health conditions. Special interest areas include; acute & chronic pain management, emotional health & wellbeing, digestive health and autoimmune conditions.

“In 2018, I had the opportunity to complete an internship in Nanjing China. Being over there in the hospitals was inspiring to me, especially seeing how the Eastern and the Western approaches work together to achieve outcomes for patients. My vision, involves increased awareness about what acupuncture is really great at treating and increased access to Chinese Medicine Practitioners in rural areas.”

At Cocoon Acupuncture, Cat Tyndall practices a full compliment of traditional Chinese techniques, including acupuncture, cupping, electro-acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese Medicine dietetics and auricular therapy.

Event first aid providers

Acumen development have been involved in a number of australian events where first aid a mandatory requirement.

Medical acumen is our specialty and we are happy to recommend the following australian providers of event first aid:

Medical Response http://www.medicalresponse.com.au

Event Medical Team http://www.eventmedicalteam.com.au

They can assist with:

  • General event first aid
  • Music festival first aid
  • Motor sports first aid
  • Event medical standby
  • and more

Event first aid software

In our first review, we will examine the niche software for the event first aid industry known as pracflo from stratigence software.

Having been involved in the event first aid industry in the past, I was astounded by the lack of software available. This is where pracflo came in.

The software allows full quoting function, to quote up events that medical staff will be working at, through to finding staff to work the event by SMS or email notifications, allowing staff to express interest in a shift.

Once the event starts, pracflo allows patient care reports to be created and full management notes taken from within the easy to use app. Each staff member has their own login, and logs the treatment, and can export the PCR as a PDF file. The administrators are notified by custom alerts (Email/SMS or pushover) of any new cases that staff create in the field.

There is an live event feed to display on projectors, and audit functions for each case. Not to mention a basic version of CAD (Computer aided dispatch) which can dish out jobs to units in the field by SMS.

Once the event is over, a post event report can be generated and emailed to the client which shows fancy graphs and patient care statistics.

All in all, a very good program that wont cost you an arm and a leg. A must have if you are in the event first aid space.

Check it out at http://pracflo.com or https://stratigence.co/pracflo